Foiled Again

Lost vs 2

Please welcome first-time contributor Jack, a 46-year-old man from Merseyside, England. Jack has recently accepted that he has suffered the effects of anxiety and depression from an early age. He believes that this stems from the deaths of his twin baby sisters. Being very young, Jack was unable to comprehend the resulting changes in his world and effect that these would have upon his relationship with his mother and father growing up. Creativity, and photography in particular, provides him with an outlet for working thorough feelings of hopelessness and negativity. He is learning to let go of recreating or capturing the ‘perfect’ version of his vision and is exploring the idea of ‘pure’ or ‘instant’ creativity, as a means to help him heal.

About this photo: This image is entitled, ‘Foiled Again,’ and represents the notion of my following the same daily routine. Often it can be a struggle to get up, get washed and dressed, all too often just to sink into the same daily patterns. It’s as though each day comes and goes, but I leave behind the exact same face. A reflection that reminds me – it’s only me that can change things.


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