Bright Under Heaven

Please welcome first-time contributor Natty, a 30-year-old writer and stargazing drifter whose diagnoses include bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Natty is fresh out of a rehab clinic and living in halfway housing. Her major interests include iconography, sleep paralysis, and heresy.

About this photo: “Every morning I offer incense to Our Lady, praying for peace to all suffering beings. I get caught up in the sad-eyed wheel of the world a lot so it’s good to take the time out to remember that although I’m just a little flickering atom if I can spark off another spirit and elevate them then things ain’t so gloomy. The grief of the world will turn without me, you gotta lift up as much life as you can carry, things being equal and bright under heaven.”

Find more from Natty at her website & twitter @riverofallsouls.


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