Trapped Light Within

Photo taken by contributor Keith, a photographer who has struggled with depression. Keith has spent the last year working on a 365 project, sharing one photo per day for 365 days. Through working on this project he has come to accept and understand his struggles with depression. For a long time he believed his mood swings and inability to connect with others was normal. It took until his disconnect affected his life with his little girl and fiancé before he finally sought help. Since then, he has been taking small steps towards bringing his life back to a happier place. Photography and medication have been helpful tools on his journey towards being a healthier, happier, more fulfilled person.

About this photo: “This image depicts my potential and my need to get better. When this photo was being created I wanted to show how people like myself who have depression feel visually. The want of letting your inner light shine so others can see it, all the while covered by this dark cloud called depression.”

Find more from Keith at his website500pxFacebook, and Flickr.


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2 thoughts on “Trapped Light Within

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  1. Yo Kieth, this image just screamed at me. Really nice work. Good luck on the 365. I did it for a couple of years. Some days you just want to cry and not do the work. Those are the days to let this image scream you awake……kewl…..en theos…jasL


  2. this photo and your words ,just amazing !! Thats how I feel too .You have really captured ‘that feeling ”.Good luck Keith ,and keep on arting !!! -c-


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