Photo taken by contributor Carrie Hilgert, a photographer, painter, and healer from Northeast Kansas. Carrie is on an evolving journey. In her past, she was affected by chronic physical and mental illnesses, including depression. Photography, especially self-portraiture, was a tool that helped her throughout those challenging times, and allowed her to process her dark feelings. Carrie believes that her experiences with mental illness were a catalyst for her to discover her creative and spiritual gifts. She is now on a positive journey of wonder and change, using those gifts to help others.

About this photo: “The universe reciprocates the shaman’s every action and mirrors his intent back to him as the shaman is a mirror to others. The shaman lives in synchronicity with Nature, because the shamanic world mirrors the shaman’s will, intent and actions.” -from Awakening to the Spirit World by Sandra Ingerman and others

I learned last night that what I suspected was true. The sycamore is not only my sacred tree, but the spirit of the sycamore has been my lifelong guardian and I am massively grateful for this connection and direct revelation

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  1. I feel the same way about much of nature, except that it was Jesus who created the universe, including our earth and the wonders both big and small upon it.


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