Please welcome first-time contributor Del, a man who was diagnosed with severe depression at the age of 51. His diagnosis came after a nearly fatal intentional overdose, and consequent admission to a mental healthcare hospital. Now aged 53 and living in South East London he still struggles with his condition, and uses his photography and art therapeutically. He is often heard to say that he is at his happiest while behind the lens, or brandishing a pencil or paintbrush.

About this photo: “This image is entitled ‘Pane’ and was taken during my time in hospital in 2013. It is the view from my room overlooking other buildings within the hospital grounds. I ended up taking a series of images of the hospital grounds and environs (with permissions) to act as a reminder to myself.

It was captured using my old Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone, and edited largely on the handset, with additional manipulation created on a temperamental laptop after being discharged.”

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  1. Thank you for including my image within the collective. It means a lot to share my work and to enjoy the contributions from others.


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