Broken Pons

Please welcome first-time contributor RDSK74, a man from England who has suffered with chronic depression for all of his 41 years. He’s been pushed to the lowest lows, but also has seen the sunshine. He says that he has never been healthier than he has been in the last year, although he still experiences the darkness throughout his recovery. He has become an advocate of speaking up about mental health, and has begun talking out about his own story to help and inspire others, whilst also raising charitable funds. Photography has become a true friend and inspiration for him; a lifeline, along with the music of Morrissey. Based in Hertfordshire, England, he is starting a new career in photography and looking forward to a lifetime of good health, both mental and physical, and the ability to keep taking better photographs.

About this photo: “This broken light bulb sat on the kitchen windowsill for ages. A small, delicately fragile and beautifully designed object. Once so vital to see clearly in the darkness. I found it impossible to throw away for some reason… The tiny broken wires flicker when you touch it. You can clearly see from the outside the bulb is broken. Useful, I suppose.

Is it still a light bulb even though it cannot shine a light like it once did?”

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5 thoughts on “Broken Pons

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  1. I like your photo and last sentence. Broken doesn’t mean useless, but we have a culture that loves to make disabled people feel that way.Actually, your bulb is mis-wired, kind of like autistic brains like mine. Thank you for sharing. I’m drawn to objects.


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