Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman living with PTSD, depression, anxiety and a myriad of other disorders. Annie lives with her feline companion, Zoe. Her coping tools include meditation, art, writing, and petting Zoe.

About this photo: There are some days when I am very disillusioned with my life. On these days, even possibility is hiding. Disillusionment, for me, walks hand in hand with my depression and anxiety, and catapults to an entirely new level when I dissociate. The holi-daze are not easy for me. I cope using music, a good book, my cat Zoe, and my art. And I try, try, try not to focus on that which brings on a disillusioned and disconnected reality.



Broken Light Collective

2 thoughts on “Disillusioned

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  1. This portrait and its description describe so well what I feel. When everything is stripped down and bleak and I feel I’m handing myself over to depression, I tend to dissociate, to escape to a land of daydreaming, in order not to just give up. But ultimately that’s the inability to see ways out and bright things in my life that’s sticking with me.


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