Shadows of Myself

Please welcome first-time contributor Anne, a 42-year-old divorced mother of two. Anne has dealt with post-partum depression after the birth of her first child, unemployment, a second child and subsequent divorce a couple of years later. Since then, she has found herself dealing with depressive episodes, made more acute by the solitude of her mono-parental situation and the absence of her family of origin in her surroundings. When facing a depressive episode, she finds it very hard to speak up. Photography, painting, and writing have becomes an outlet for these silent, voiceless screams.

About this photo: “While on a walk on the Brooklyn beach front, the heavy wind was picking up the sand, and the silhouettes of people moving towards Coney Island resonated with this feeling of being a shadow of myself.”


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4 thoughts on “Shadows of Myself

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  1. Anne,
    I found this photograph mesmerizing, almost haunting. I know from experience that depression is a lonely and alternate type reality. I hope you continue your artistic expressions, for they release your unique voice, which is beautiful. God Bless.
    Betsy .


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