How Mental Illness Feels

Photo taken by contributor Cheerios, a man who was diagnosed with Bipolar and Paranoid Schizophrenia at the age of 41. Cheerios works and does his best to function at a level that he considers to be normal.

About this photo: “I took this photo last night. What it reminds me of is how one feels, distant and alone, forever orbiting those who are not ill because they can not truly relate to you.

Only someone who is mentally Ill understands the phases of the illness as night turns to day and day turns to night. We have value and we exist, but we have to orbit at a distance as we are different, unique and special.

As seasons come and go we are hoping one day to connect with those around us.

As the moon dreams so do we.”


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9 thoughts on “How Mental Illness Feels

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  1. Am sorry about the different orbits.

    Was watching a YouTube yesterday on victims of acid attacks in India … they too feel alienated from the world around them.

    So many orbits when it should be one world .. one kingdom of love. Let us work and pray for this.

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  2. A very poetic and apt description of mental illness. I love the photograph of the moon. I find it so difficult to photograph the night sky.

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