Natural Living Beauty

Please welcome first-time contributor John G. Evans, a man who has been suffering since 1972 from what is now known to be a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a trauma faced during military service time. He has discovered that photography and poetry have allowed him a second chance at life, and have released him of his depressive states and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. He recently relocated to Boise, Idaho, to photograph the mountain ranges, rivers, canals, nature, wildlife, landscapes and weather.

About these photos: “This photo series was taken in San Antonio, Texas, at the zoo early in the morning during the peak of the “golden hours” between 7:00 am – 9:00 am. The mood was quite beautiful and serene that one has the potential of losing yourself within the crisp cool morning air of twilight and the natural living beauty that surrounds you within this natural & metaphorical landscape of exotic birds & animals.


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17 thoughts on “Natural Living Beauty

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      1. Thanks so very much for your very valued service time!! I served USMC 1971-1972. With PTSD and a Spinal Cord Injury I am simply happy to be alive and photographing and writing. Thanks for visiting and best wishes always!

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  1. The lighting at this time of the day is awesome. The casting of shadows captured is fantastic. Shall I say …. these photos are postcard perfect! May you continue to find serenity as you journey forward. Appreciation galore for your years of service to our country ….

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    1. Thanks very kindly Diana Perkins for your generous comment! I am delighted to have discovered recovery and am excited to have served our great nation! Thanks so much for taking your valued time to let me know how you feel about my work and second chance.


    1. Oh Cecilia Marie Pulliam, our good friend, thank you so very much! Let us hope for success, as writers and photographers…I am so very grateful! Thank you for your very valued comment.


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