Digging A Deeper Hole

Please welcome first-time contributor Savannah Condon, a 19-year-old traveling photographer who is currently residing in Seattle, WA. Savannah suffers from cyclomythia and depression. She has been on and off of various medications since she was 13. Savannah has had a passion for photography and art since she was very young, which makes it the perfect therapeutic tool for her. She especially loves creating self-portraits because she has difficulty explaining her feelings with words. Her self-portraits are raw expressions of feelings that she, along with many other people, experience on a regular basis.

About this photo: “Many of you may have heard the saying ‘digging yourself a deeper hole.’ At this moment in time, every action I made seemed to backfire. I couldn’t do anything right-I felt like I was self-sabatoging myself. My impulsive decisions were getting worse and more stupid.  I felt out of control.  Which was terrifying. I was my biggest problem and I was digging myself a deeper hole. And the worst part about it was I knew I was the only person that could get myself out of it.”

Find more from Savannah at her website.


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16 thoughts on “Digging A Deeper Hole

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  1. From the angle of the photograph, your hands tightly clenching the shovel and the look in your eyes … fabulous! May your passion for art continue to take you to positive places in your journey ….

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  2. You have created a super composition and self portrait!! Always to to remain creative as you are very good at it. Your self portrait speaks volumes. Thanks ever so much for sharing!


  3. Savannah, your ability to visually articulate your feelings, is stunning, to say the least! This is such a powerful self-portrait. And i hope utilizing your creative talent also serves as a healing medium. Thank you for sharing your story :).


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