Whirlwind of Colour

Photo by contributor Roshni Ravi, a 24-year-old mental health professional based in Bangalore, India. She is interested in the exploration of existential ideas of hopehappiness, meaning, presence and being in therapeutic practice. Roshni also lives with a diagnosis of clinical depression. She finds negotiating her roles as both a mental health service provider and user an empowering and challenging experience. Her photographic work reflects her idiosyncratic attraction towards birds, the rain and bright colors. When she is not obsessing about life’s eternal quest for meaning, she enjoys baking, dancing and watching wildlife.

About this photo: “Location: Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India. A visit to the Juhu beach on any weekend will overwhelm your senses.

The sounds of hawkers selling roasted corn and chai clashes beautifully with the smell of vehicle exhaust and rotting fish as you wrestle to find room for you and your camera.  

But that is not all, there is the pink cotton candy on a stick, a small soapy bubble that lands on your nose and pops, and of course, the colourful ten rupee paper-windmill, that continues to thrive alongside the shiny plastic toys.”


10/9 is National Depression Screening Day… Help yourself. Help others.

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5 thoughts on “Whirlwind of Colour

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  1. When light breaks, it splashes on to our canvas-like lives and creates colours as beautiful as the ones in your photograph. I didn’t know paper windmills could generate so much energy. Keep lighting up our lives with photographs such as these.


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