Human Color

Photos taken by contributor Brandon Halley, a 20-year-old fine art photography student from St. Louis, Missouri. Brandon suffers from severe anxiety and depression, and is currently in recovery from self-harm. Realizing that photography and digital art were the only ways he knew how to relieve stress in a healthy manner, he started doing it more often in hopes of being noticed and making a living off of it, all while improving himself personally.

About these photos: “These are two images from a series of photos I’ve started at my university, called Menschliche Farben, or Human Color. I basically am trying to blend the human body in with the canvas, but also make it noticeable by using colors and other minimalist designs.”

Find more from Brandon at his website.


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11 thoughts on “Human Color

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  1. Interesting concept…keep playing…have fun with it…I see your figures “hiding” & “revealing” themselves (yourself) …that’s my crit…good luck in art school!!!!


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