Looking Up

Please welcome new contributor Laura SQ aka Mrs Bipolarity, a woman from Texas who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2002. After more than a decade, Laura decided to break her silence and come out as having bipolar disorder, much to the shock of most of the people in her life. She is now a passionate mental illness advocate fighting the fight against stigma. She lives a mostly stable life thanks to her commitment to her medication, her fabulous psychiatrist, and a very clever therapist.  She’s a dedicated wife and a stay-at-home mom living in Houston, Texas.

About this photo: “I was sitting outside in my backyard while my kids napped one sunny Texas afternoon and just felt like I needed to look up. I’m always so consumed by life, by my family, tasks to be done, errands to run… My to do list is always endless and on this particular day, I just felt like I needed to stop. To look up. I’m guilty of getting caught up in life and not taking care of myself. I’m always taking care of other people; I have to take time for me. That means, communicating with my doctor, taking my meds, seeing my therapist. But it’s not always just that equation. Sometimes it’s as simple as looking up.”

Find more from Laura at her blog.


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