Late Night Anxiety

Photo taken by contributor Kait Mauro, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native in her twenties who has lived all over the country. Kait’s primary diagnosis recently changed from Major Depression to Bipolar Disorder. She has also struggled with anxiety and disordered eating. She is currently an undergraduate at Washington University in Saint Louis where she studies Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing. Her primary mediums are poetry and photography, though she has also been known to dabble in printmaking and other genres of writing. She seeks to understand her experiences and to connect with others through her art.

About this photo: “Part of my condition has always been that I get way more anxious/down in the evenings. The later it gets the worse I feel.

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9 thoughts on “Late Night Anxiety

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  1. I suffer from severe panic disorder/anxiety and bipolar depression – with God I am on a journey to reclaim my life from these debilitating conditions. This photo conveys a ton of feelings – all of which I knew immediately. I almost didn’t have to read the description. I pray for God to calm her and ease her suffering. I find comfort knowing I am not the only one – I sit in that same position on my bed when I’m really anxious.

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory.


  2. My Christian Faith has sustained me through a lot, including my mom’s recent passing. I have incredible anxiety and can’t sit still for long. I also have autism. Stimming really helps me as does aerobic exercise and yoga. I do these at home. I also have remaining support from my family. Support from family and services is vital for me to go on living, I trust in the Lord to make life with autism among other medical disorders possible. I pray this for you as well. I pray you find your way to Jesus. It is as simple as a prayer and you can find much at your local Barnes & Noble or Christian Bookstore. Your photo conveys your anxiety and frustration very clearly.


  3. An add on- Melatonin helps me to calm down and go to sleep. It is all natural and is as close as your local supermarket or drug store. You may want to discuss that with a doctor. I hope that helps you.


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