Photo taken by contributor Sully Sidhe, a woman who struggles with severe anxiety. Sully has a penchant for music and art in all forms, and loves glitter, rainbows, unicorns and the dark side of the moon.

About this photo: “My head is always up in the clouds, and this day I was feeling quite prismatic…so I gave it a shape and form.”

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5 thoughts on “Prisma

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  1. Sully,
    I like the composition of your photo. I reminds me of some of the promises of God: the rainbow to remind mankind He will never again destroy life on earth with rain, that He would darken the light of the sun before the great day of the coming of the Lord as occurred in New England in the late nineteenth century, and the Second Coming of Christ in His brightness and great glory. Let’s praise the Lord that we will no longer have to suffer anxiety or suffering after He comes to take us to heaven. Let’s stay faithful and also celebrate the great creativity of Sully and other artists.


    1. Amen. Enjoy this life, live it foremost for Christ & look forward to the promised new life. Rainbows are on my photo-bucket list. I have yet to capture one. I live in a woods. Wonderful photo! Unique rainbow shot.


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