Listen To The Silence

Photo taken by contributor Johanna, a 36-year-old guidance counselor from Finland. She has family members and friends who have suffered or continue to suffer from mental health challenges, such as severe depression and bipolar disorder. Many of her students also have different kinds of mental health issues and as a guidance counselor it is her job to try to help them, for example by creating personalized study plans to support their recovery to full health. She also hopes to one day start using the method of Empowering Photography (developed in Finland by Miina Savolainen) in her work. Johanna enjoys photographing nature and her everyday surroundings, as well as music photography.

About this photo: “This photo was taken just moments after sunrise, when the birds were only just awakening and I was the only human around, probably for miles. The image does no justice to the actual feeling of being in that moment, just listening to the silence, drinking in the beauty. My soul was at ease, my energy levels recharging.”

Find more from Johanna at her Flickr.


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15 thoughts on “Listen To The Silence

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  1. How absolutely wonderful! I can easily imagine the feeling, the scent, the sound of silence, and how the air feels against the skin


  2. Thank you all for your comments! 🙂 I’m glad I’ve been able to capture some of the feeling of the moment into the image and share it with you all.


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