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Welcome to the gallery site of Broken Light Collective. We are artists of all levels and abilities who are affected by mental illness. We create and we share our work for the therapeutic benefits to us, as well as others who may be struggling and feeling scared and alone. Together we can move from disconnected to collective.

Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman who has battled depression, major anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorder.

About this photo: “This photograph is a self portrait which was taken today.  It reminds me of those times when I have been in the hospital. The loneliness and the anxiety.

Find more from Annie at her Twitter.


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9 responses to “Loneliness and Anxiety”

  1. insilencewithhorses Avatar

    Hi Annie, firstly the photo … I was taught a good photo needs interest and emotion, you score 10 for both, and I love where you placed your eye. Secondly, the greatest weapon I have in my fight against depression is the courage of my peers. Thank you.


  2. memnon27 Avatar

    Hi Anne, I really like that the photo is black and white. Very nice!


  3. todessakane2013 Avatar

    God bless your beautiful heart for sharing such a painful issue. I find it so hard to imagine that in a world so full of people and potential the crushing weight of Isolation and loneliness is something that far too many people have to bare!!


    1. autisticaplanet Avatar

      I agree. I know where Annie is coming from being hospitalized (20+) times myself. I think it takes a lot of courage to submit any form extension of self. Anyone can take a “selfy” with a smile, but it takes courage to share one that conveys pain. I apologize if by using the *trendy* word *selfy* if I come across as trivial. I assure everyone that is not my intent.


      1. todessakane2013 Avatar

        Please don’t apologize! Your heart comes through in such a genuine and truly honest way that is what makes it so real and so impacting to read!! God bless your day my friend and keep up the wonderful much needed work 🙂


  4. Heartafire Avatar

    Just want to hug this lady!


  5. Karen Avatar

    Very powerful. Thank you.


  6. bluebrightly Avatar

    This is such an effective photograph – it really conveys exactly what you’re talking about, and at the same time, it’s a very interesting, strong image, no matter what the context was. The composition, the graininess – really great! I wish you well.


  7. titaniummike Avatar

    Reblogged this on TITANIUM MIKE.


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