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Welcome to the gallery site of Broken Light Collective. We are artists of all levels and abilities who are affected by mental illness. We create and we share our work for the therapeutic benefits to us, as well as others who may be struggling and feeling scared and alone. Together we can move from disconnected to collective.

Photo taken by contributor Jacque who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD. She is a graphic designer, wife, and mother to two boys. She is learning to draw from God’s strength to get her through every day. She has also found art and music to be great healers and outlets for the soul.

About this photo: “I created this image to symbolize how misunderstood bipolar people can feel. Living with BP can feel like you’re speaking a foreign language, for the person with it and…on the flip-side… the people around them. I’ve been trying really hard to become more aware of the things I do and say. But some days are rougher than others. I have a mood disorder, which means I don’t do things other people do. It’s like everything is off register, the colors not matching up – red, yellow and cyan are totally off kilter.

My feelings can get easily hurt, go ignored/misunderstood, I can be depressed or sky high or I’m just plain sick of dealing with it all so I’m bleh. On top of all that, I’m stressed out… and as my Doc pointed out to me…NO amount of meds, sleep, therapy or denial will take that away. I just have to smile, manage it as best as possible and endure it…somehow someway.

What does help me are people who are kind, caring and understanding. People who will listen without judgement, without being accusatory, without calling me “crazy” or saying “is there something wrong with you”? The answer is emphatically Yes, yes there is. And now that you know this fact, please just accept who I am. I need to feel loved, no matter how I am feeling or acting. I’m lucky to have a few “angels” in my life who step in seemingly from nowhere, and give me the boost I need to get by. And I’m lucky God’s given me the strength and courage to deal with things. 

So… to those who just can’t seem to understand me, ” C’est la vie.” God get’s me, He loves me and He cares for me no matter how good or bad I’m feeling, that’s good enough for me.”

Find more from Jacque at her blog.


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5 responses to “Unknown”

  1. Paula McLane Jennings Avatar

    Very interesting photo and wonderful testimony. It’s very difficult when people don’t ‘get you’ but knowing that God gets you is a wonderful way to deal with it. You have a great attitude.


    1. GODisms Avatar

      Thanks for the feature 😉 and all the positive comments!


  2. Susan Thompson Avatar
    Susan Thompson

    This is fantastic! The image captures what happens inside when I feel overwhelmed. Thank you so much.


  3. GODisms Avatar

    Reblogged this on god[isms] and commented:
    Thanks for the feature this week Broken Light 🙂 I’m honored my photos can touch people and my stories help shed light on life with BP


  4. blueribbonfair Avatar

    Very encouraging.


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