Beautiful and Disturbing

Photo taken by contributor Danielle in New York City who has suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for at least a dozen years, among other mental health challenges. It has affected her home life, work life, and personal life in many ways. She is trying to fight through it by working with doctors, using medication as needed, and immersing herself in her photography.

About this photo: “I’m often drawn to things that other people think are strange. To me, even objects or moments that may be seen as scary or disturbing, like a used, abandoned, disposable glove in a puddle, can also be seen as beautiful if captured in the right light.

My challenges can make me seem strange or even disturbing at times… I hope that someone stops and sees the beauty in me too.


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9 thoughts on “Beautiful and Disturbing

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  1. The glove really takes on a new life in the water here and looks more like a jellyfish than an old glove to me. My first reaction was “yuck”, but I’ve kept looking now see an interesting beauty in your photo :).


  2. To me the water looks like a glass panel and there someone else on the other side stretching their hand out to touch what they see, me!


  3. I felt the same as Kay! My first reaction was “ew, gross,” but after reading your wonderful words I took a second look. It’s always a good idea to take a second look at things and not make assumptions. You may be surprised by what you see! Fabulous photo!


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