Beneath a Blanket of Clouds

Photo taken by contributor Danielle who has lived though severe major depressive episodes as well as periods of intense anxiety and panic.

About this photo: “Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I just stop what I’m doing, take some deep breaths and look up. In this instance, the clouds looked like cotton balls and felt comforting like a warm blanket. Somehow the simple act of looking up, appreciating nature, and taking this photo, allowed me to move on with my day without slipping all the way into full panic attack mode.


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23 thoughts on “Beneath a Blanket of Clouds

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  1. I do the same thing in my house when I am drowning in a sea of clutter! The ceiling is refuge for my eyes:) Your photo brings me back to childhood in elementary school at recess. I remember being outside leaning against the bricks and looking up, watching the clouds roll by, and feeling as if I was on a sailboat floating out to sea. Thanks for sharing:)


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