The Road

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from the SouthWest of Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo:

Midway in Our Journey
“Just when we’re softened by the years,
when we have enough experience to see
for ourselves, our maps are torn from us.
This can be frightening, but there’s
divine timing in the dissolution of a
stubborn mind, the way an inlet waits
on the last rock to crumble so it can
find its destiny in the sea. Losing the
way set out by others is necessary so we
can discover for ourselves what it means
to be alive. Now we can burn the clothes
others have laid out for us, not in anger
but to light our way. Now we can let the
soul spill its honey on the unleavened life
we’ve been carrying. Now we can rise. ”  ©Mark Nepo

“I have gotten part of this down, “the softening of the years.” That part I am coming into peace with. The rest is coming, but it is still a little further down the road.”

More from Jim at his website.


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14 thoughts on “The Road

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  1. Jann……this is a great road, it is US 67 which runs North & South it is just west of Fort Stockton and ultimately brings you to Alpine TX. I drive it at least once a week and I have a tendency to get a little jaded to the beauty. It does plant the idea of road trip…..jim


  2. If you follow the highway, it is easily to get lost in that image. I know the struggles of depression as well as working to over come G. A. D. in addition to it. Fight on and stand tall.


  3. This is a crazy cool photo. It looks like a painting and it’s got a fantasy essence to it because the mountains look like they’re in another world completely. Great poem choice too because here’s this long straight road, so obvious, you can see everything around for miles. And yet there ahead of you are these amazing, intimidating, and mysterious mountains.

    Great work!


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