Silent Agony

Photos taken by a contributor in her thirties with bipolar II disorder. Consistently seeing her doctors and taking her medications is keeping her somewhat level, but the battle for stability is an ongoing one.

About these photos: Dangerous. Sharp. Painful. Isolating. These are just a few of the words associated with barbed wire, and yet, for some reason I’m drawn to it. Perhaps because I feel in a way like I’m wrapped in barbed wire due to mental illness… Like a criminal in a barbed mental penitentiary. I try to get free, but often feel trapped and in pain. The more I struggle, the worse it gets. Mere words or actions can’t extricate me from it’s unbearable hold. Such is the hopeless nature of barbed wire… and psychological disorder.

So I remain, in silent agony, bound by an unseen wire.


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3 thoughts on “Silent Agony

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  1. I don’t suffer from bipolar disorder, but I do suffer from depression, anxiety, ADHD, BPD and a long list of invisible chronic illnesses. I understand the analogy with the barbed wire all too well. Good luck on your journey and I look forward to following your blog. Have a great day.


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