Photo taken by contributor Sarah, a 21-year old student who has struggled with generalized anxiety for most of her life and panic attacks since the beginning of college. She has long used photography as a way to focus and calm herself during panic, as well as a spiritual practice. She is inspired by the work of Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan monk who uses photography as a supplement to his meditation practice. Sarah is now considering pursuing photography as a profession after college.

About this photo: “I took this photo during the Polar Vortex in Minnesota when it was -18 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a difficult day, but I was still able to be present to the beauty of the feathery icicles on the window and capture this shot. No matter what’s going on in my life, I choose to be grateful and aware of the beauty around me.

Find more from Sara at her photography site and her spiritual blog.


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13 thoughts on “Cold

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  1. Fabulous! I love this. It looks like a flock of beautiful white birds taking off and flying in to the distance. This is an awesome capture.

    Well done Sarah!



  2. Very moved by your photos and your story, Sarah, and inspired. I was brought up UU although now do not belong to any religion or church. I am an intensely spiritual person and I love writing and photography. At 50, I am considering how I want to use these media to communicate about my journey (past, present and future). Thank you. It’s nice to look over and see someone mirroring me. (I’m preparing to re-activate my blog so if you want you can follow it – I just followed yours (kbodhi).)


  3. This is beautiful – it made me think of a flock of white doves, flying up, up, up….. Then the delight of the surprise in seeing that it was actually frost on a windowpane…which somehow made it even more special! Lovely. Thank you for sharing it


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