Shadow & Light

Photo taken by Dee in Florida, a mother who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, type II. She uses mindfulness, medication, writing, and photography to help manage her mood shifts.

About this photo: “This is a photograph of my daughter walking a shadowed path towards the ocean. She is moving through a dark place, but she is clearly coming from a place of light and going to a place of light. She just needs to keep moving to get through it. It reminds me of my depressive episodes. It is easy to get stuck in the dark, shadowy place, the vortex of negative thoughts. This is a good reminder that there is light both behind and ahead, and that is what I should be focusing on. The positive things for which I am grateful. My family, my daughter and husband. My dog. A warm home and food. Friends who have stuck with me through the toughest times. Photography. My big ideas, and being able to bring many of them to life. Broken Light Collective and other people and communities that help me feel less alone in my struggles. And certainly the fact that this year was not as bad as the last two when I was barely functional. I only hope that I can keep moving forward and that next year will be even less shadowy and more light. 


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7 thoughts on “Shadow & Light

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  1. Your situation sounds so much like mine. I am using the same to help me through my darkest hours. I do have a companion, son and parents who have stuck with me through it all but have lost many because they could not understand and bear to watch me. You are an inspiration!


  2. I like the analogy of moving from light to light even if it means going through a bit of darkness in between. How right you are about how easy it is to get stuck in the negative but how important it is for us to get beyond it and that focusing on the light can help us through that.


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