Relationship with Medication

Please welcome first time contributor Ali, a 40-year-old father of two from London who was diagnosed this year with Anxiety and Depression.

About this photo: “I had a troubled relationship with my medication at the beginning of my treatment. I thought I could feel my emotional range banging against an artificial barrier. After months of acclimatization I’m in a more stable range and the meds are less obtrusive.

Find more from Ali at his blog.


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3 thoughts on “Relationship with Medication

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  1. Medication is a hard part of the recovery process. It’s overwhelming sometimes, especially when it’s difficult to find the right one(s) . I’ve been struggling with it lately myself. Glad to hear things are stabilizing for you. Thanks for sharing your journey and image with us ❤


  2. interesting photo. I hadn’t realized those were the meds until I looked closely. Medication is important for anxiety and depression but it can be hard finding the right combination that works for you and the trial and error of ones with bad reactions is a killer. Hope you find what you need without too many issues.


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