Alter Of Coin

Photo taken by first-time contributor John Kelly, a 44-year-old combat veteran from London who has battled depression and PTSD. Having served 9 years in the Royal Air Force, including periods in Kuwait and Iraq, John entered a period of great turmoil in his life, but had no idea why. With the break up of his young family, and the loss of... Continue Reading →

Grief is Borne when Loss is Born

Photo taken by contributor MB, a 52-year-old writer and photographer living in recovery from depression in southwest London. About this photo: “I took this in September in a cemetery near where I live.  I think it’s rather unusual in that it depicts loss and grief, but also beauty and love.  I had to time the shoot rather precisely... Continue Reading →

Thief In The Night

Please welcome first-time contributor MBS, a 51-year-old woman from southwest London. MBS has experienced four major depressive episodes in her life. Sometimes she feels well, as if she doesn't have any mental health difficulties at all. But other times, when circumstances and relationships become difficult, depression can sneak up on her. She has been receiving help to learn to... Continue Reading →

I Shall Be Released

Photo taken by contributor Ali, a 40-year-old father of two from London who was diagnosed this year with Anxiety and Depression. He is an author, a carpenter, and an occasional accountant. About this photo: “I call this photograph 'I shall be released.' When you know what your triggers are, staying away from them is a type of captivity." Find... Continue Reading →

Relationship with Medication

Please welcome first time contributor Ali, a 40-year-old father of two from London who was diagnosed this year with Anxiety and Depression. About this photo: "I had a troubled relationship with my medication at the beginning of my treatment. I thought I could feel my emotional range banging against an artificial barrier. After months of... Continue Reading →

Beneath the Cracks

Photo taken by first-time contributor Trash Bash, a 27-year-old freelance TV creative from London. Her mother has had schizophrenia since Trash Bash was 16-years-old. The pitfalls were always more memorable and devastating than her 'good days'. A good day would be the pills working, but she would be drowsy and incomprehensible; there has never been a day... Continue Reading →

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