One Step at a Time

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from the SouthWest of Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo: “Our surroundings and our environment can be so bright and the colors so full of life. Yet our walk remains uphill and we feel we are on the wrong street. It can be a very pretty road, but if it isn’t the road you want to be on, it is just a struggle.

One step at a time brother, one step at a time.

More from Jim at his website.


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10 thoughts on “One Step at a Time

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  1. I’m not sure how much time it took waiting for this shot, but boy, was it worth it. The contrast of the man’s shirt against the green, the way the madonna’s (or quasi-religious figure’s) body is just so slightly turned as if she’s following him with her eyes… the man’s bent back is an echo of the turtle’s shape, with its rounded ‘back’. There’s a lot here. The turtle motif is interesting, in that the man is slow and trudges on, and I’ve always thought turtles just sort of slowly slog through life. And then, what’s that guy doing there in the first place? Such an odd juxtaposition of life on life, old and new, bright colors and dark tones… interesting.


    1. Allison……..what an eye for detail you have. I wish I had really seen all that you noticed. For me, I have to humbly say I was just in the right place at the right time. I saw the building and was just framing up when the man came out of a door just out of frame. He sauntered into my frame and walla. It all happened in the blink of an eye. 1/125 of a moment in time.
      How serendipitous of you commenting on my image as I was at your web site for the first time today. I ordered some of your recommended books (I am a frustrated wanna be writer) and then your eyes fall across my website…….thanx for looking, and I mean really looking at my image……en theos……jim


  2. Hi, Jim! The way I see it (no pun intended) the photographic ‘eye’ is probably/possibly our subconscious doing this kind of inner seeing, framing and composing the shot. I doubt that, once you’ve developed your technical skills as a photographer, that any shot is pure coincidence. But I could be wrong. 🙂 Thank you for looking at my website. If you feel like talking, let me know.


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