Aches and Pains

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from the SouthWest of Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo: “We had a wonderful weekend hanging with some old friends. We shared our scars and talked of our aches, pains and complaints. On our way home, we stopped to visit with truly an old friend who is now living in a nursing home.

She greeted us warmly just like our other friends. Pushing ninety, she knew of true aches and pains, but had no complaints. My aches and pains paled and my small bit of arthritis became non existent in comparison.

I savored her hugs, her zest, the twinkle still in her faded blue eyes. I enjoyed her smell of age and each and every scar she shared.

Sometimes, we get to see how good we have it. It takes away a lot of what you think is an ache or a pain.


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20 thoughts on “Aches and Pains

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  1. thanks to all for your comments. I used a Fuji 100s ( it is like using an old m series Leica). It has a fixed 35mm focal length lens. It is my go to camera. shot hand held at 1/15 a second at F2. @100iso, processed in silver pro Effex software.
    I could not bevieve how her hands were so entwined. I don’t think you could place such telling hands with so much grace in their togetherness. It was like each finger had the job of supporting one of the others.
    If we could just learn to support each other this way. what a wonderful world it could be!….peace out….Jim


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