Infinite Sea of Depression… & Hope

Photo taken by contributor Danielle who suffers from depression, anxiety and agoraphobia to varying degrees. She is trying to find tools beyond her doctors and medications to help her feel better and get out more. Photography is one tool that has been helpful in recent months. She wants to continue learning more about photography and taking more photos.

About this photo: “I used to do everything. I would take the train or subway, go to restaurants or bars without a second thought, and work a full time job. That all stopped when my depression got bad. Thankfully I am starting to get out more. A little at a time. I even got to the beach recently. Instead of looking out and being flooded by my usual negative thoughts (looks like an endless sea of depression… I wonder what dangers are right beneath the surface… I wish the sea would sweep me away), I tried to focus on being present and taking in the vast beauty and infinite potential of the world.


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14 thoughts on “Infinite Sea of Depression… & Hope

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  1. I know! I suffer from depression too. That’s why I’m on the computer when I should be out. I have a lot of reading to do; and my other half just got all her teeth pulled, so I have to stay home and tend to her. It’s just for a couple of days ’til the swelling goes down. She just had all her bottom teeth removed and a denture plate put in…


  2. I like your photo very much.. I was reminded, as you are, of the vast beauty of the world when I gazed out at the ocean and realized that after the waves of depression crash on one, the beauty is still there to see. Betsy


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