The Creative Zone

Photo taken by contributor Michelle who has battled Recurrent Major Depression and OCD for years. For a long time she was struggling and didn’t know what was wrong with her, but eventually she was diagnosed, surprisingly by her gynecologist, who then referred her to a psychiatrist. One of the factors that contributed to her depression, was years of abuse as a child. Michelle writes, blogs and does photography as therapy. She has found that doing these things is self-settling and helps her manage her depression.

About this photo: “I was going to my daughter’s little flat to tell her something, but I stopped at the door.  She had left the door open and being a bit of an artist myself, I realised that she was in the zone.  I didn’t want to break the creative energy there…so I quietly just stole a little picture with my cell phone.  Writers, artists, and poets will most probably nod in agreement and understanding when I talk about being in that particular creative zone…which should not be interrupted.”


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36 thoughts on “The Creative Zone

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  1. Very inspiring photo. Love the wash around the eyes in the painting also.. Children make this “zone” an illusive place for me. I am getting better at it though. 😉 thanks for the encouragement.


  2. I really get the “being in the zone” thing! When I’m working on a painting I usually listen to music on a stereo if no one’s around, but if any of my family is home, I use my iPod. So when someone comes into the room for something, they usually scare me to death without meaning to. But being in the zone is awesome!!!


  3. Let me give you a hug for being a sensitive and thoughtful mother, Michelle. Glad to hear that you have found creative and therapeutic ways to help manage your depression. Keep up the good work!


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