The Adventure of Being Alive

Photo taken by contributor J, a teenager from Sanford, Florida. J has lived with OCD for the past two years. Sometimes she’s felt in control, while other times it has ruled her life. This past year, her OCD caused her to count letters in words to check if they added up to five, leaving her feeling illiterate. Since surviving a suicide attempt, she has begun to appreciate the adventure of life and capture it through photography.

About this photo: “When OCD controlled my life, being alive was torturous, a constant struggle to please my OCD, yet I was also still expected to function as a normal high school student.  Looking back on it now, I realize that the year that OCD ruled my world was an adventure.  It was not an adventure that I would have planned, and definitely not one that anyone should sign up for, but it was an adventure. Now I am able to move forward and live my dreams, which includes traveling. I took this photo earlier this year in India.


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    1. I’m sorry. I know how hard it can be on the parents.
      Have you been to any of the IOCDF conferences yet? They are absolutely incredible. The next one is in LA. Also, I’m working on a summer camp for kids with OCD, if you would be interested in that. The most important thing is to keep cheering on your son and just supporting and loving him. It really does mean a lot.


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