Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman in the US who suffers from bipolar II disorder as well as a host of other diagnoses. She tries to use photography in unexpected ways. It helps her feel in control of something when her moods are so out of control.

About this photo: “I recently took this abstract photograph using several colored lights in a pitch dark room. It reminds me of how I feel when I am falling into depression, or hypomania. Like I am on the edge of a swirling vortex about to fall in. A blur of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Even when I think I am out of the vortex, it is always looming nearby, just waiting for me to dip my toes or fall in head first, so it can suck me in, returning me to the place of madness in which I belong.


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8 thoughts on “Foreshadow

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  1. what a truly amazing photo! And I relate to what you say about the feelings as when I am going into depression I feel like I am falling into a black hole with a bottomless pit and when I am finally coming out of it it is like climbing out of a deep hole.


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