Bird on Line

Photos taken by contributor The Happy Mango, a 28-year-old woman from Copenhagen. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder two years ago, which has meant a lot of soul searching, practice in self awareness and endless medicine adjustments – all of which made her get even worse before she got better. But the past couple of months she has actually begun to take pleasure in the things she used to again, one of them being photography. So she started her blog “The Happy Mango,” to give her a purpose and a gentle push to do more of the things that make her feel better, and also share the good parts, because she believes that they are a big part of the healing process.

About these photos: “So I am on vacation in Gdansk, Poland and yesterday I ran out of medication. I spent 2 hours running all over the city trying to get a prescription and had to visit 4 different pharmacies to find the right meds! At one point I even had to stand in line behind three people and a BIRD!! (maybe he was suffering from bird flu) So despite all the stressing out, cursing and hurting feet I ended up thanking the Universe for bringing me there to witness that moment, because it was priceless!! Gotta love that silver lining…”


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