Beauty and Isolation

Photo taken by a woman in her thirties in Florida. She regularly experiences depression and anxiety, and rarely travels any more as a result.

About this photo: “I was on a rare vacation when I took this photo, but when you suffer from depression you are never really on vacation. I was at a beautiful community, in a lovely location, feeling somewhat fresh and refreshed in a calming environment, and yet I still felt distance and isolation. I think that disparity comes across in this photo.


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6 thoughts on “Beauty and Isolation

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  1. I can understand that feeling. Sometimes I see everyone around me having fun, even my family and still feel like on the outside. next time you are by a pool like that, take the plunge, trust me, it can be very uplifting.


  2. yeah echo the sadness of the story behind the pic. for me it’s the feet kind of peeking into the picture that make all the difference – take them out and it is a completely different pic – add a lot of life and hope and promise even [?] to what otherwise might be a picture you see in a catalogue – suddenly it becomes a story and hopefully having gotten a glimpse of the story the hope that the courage to venture beyond will return again somehow… don’t give up hope… thankx for the share.


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