Photos taken by first-time contributor Fleur Alston, a 42-year-old mother of a daughter who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. It makes her feel helpless as a parent to see her daughter suffer from very low self-esteem brought on by a severe bout of bullying she encountered when she was younger. Fleur wants to help her daughter see how beautiful she is through her photography.

About these photos: “This piece of work is entitled ‘Between.’ It is in essence about my daughter’s transition from child to women, the water comes to signify that strange place between. Adolescence can be both a time of wonder and magic but equally despair and crippling self doubt controlled by or tainted by the constraints of peer groups, family and society. The work is concerned with both the vicissitude and quietus of adolescence as well as the anticipation and joy.


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  1. Dear Fleur – This is a stunning post and I’m glad you’re daughter has come up for a breath of air . . . though I’m sad and mad, she has is suffering because others peoples bad behaviour . . . .

    When I read about the bullying Kate has experienced, I thought of my wife Francis, who has been a trauma counsellor, and her new novel Disappearing in Plain Sight. It deals with the struggles of a young 16 year old adolescent namded Lisa- Marie . . . and the grief, desire and abuse of other characters as well. The novel is ultimately an uplifting and empowering read. If you lived on Vancouver Island, Canada (the novels setting) I could send you to our local library to loan a copy. Who knows – maybe you and your daughter could read it together. My wife and step-daughter did. Francis is also working with a local retired school principle to use the novel as catalyst to begin a dicsussion group around these issues, with older teenage girls and young women.

    More detail about the novel can be found on a post I did a few days ago – check out the link –

    Thank you for your post and best regards to you – especially give regards and peace to Kate, from me and my wife Francis. She is a beautiful young woman – just a keep a breathin.


  2. These images are wonderful. Dealing with the ignorance of bullying as an adolescent is a struggle to say the least. It can take over your whole life. I know that feeling. Thank you for sharing!


  3. All the images are amazing……The second is my favorite. It has a beauty and understanding to it. I have many close to my heart that suffer from the stress of mental illness or take care of love ones that do. These people also have a beauty and a creativity about them. They are just misunderstood. Not many are dangerous as people try to say. Her as a mother I know has a hard road of just trying to make it better. Everyone thinks they have the answer, but unfortunately answers are individual. It’s not simple.


  4. That is a stellar capture and I think it totally embodies the feelings of being bullied and all that comes with it. Suffocation, drowning and hopefully emergence from it all eventually before it kills you. I have such a big heart for anyone who has had to endure pain like this. Hopefully what doesn’t break them can strengthen them after all is said and done. Heart, heart.


  5. The story behind these images is incredible. The suite of pictures, in this order really represents hope. I’m glad they were presented like this and not the opposite.


  6. I love the way you described the photos. My 14 year old son has suffered a lot of bullying at his new school after we moved. It is so hard to watch our children suffer and ot be able to do enogh to makeit all better. It was so much simpler when they are babies.


  7. Reblogged this on katadalamketik and commented:
    i dont know exactly to say. but i think anxiaty and panic attack is kind a disorder. lets put our hand in them, help them to be normal:)


  8. An amazing series of images, to me, more troubling than your description. But that doesn’t matter – everyone sees differently. The important thing is that they are very powerful.


  9. Wow, this is such a great way to help her daughter. It makes me thrilled to know parents notice when their children have low self-esteem. I think, a lot of the time, people just turn the other way to their children. This was a great mother, the daughter was very lucky.


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