Even In Darkness There is Always Light

Photo taken by contributor Uday Narayanan, a 26-year-old from New Delhi, India. Uday has an uncle who suffers from Schizophrenia. His uncle has been living with him for the last 20 years. Growing up, Uday remembers his uncle as being a loving man who would play with him every evening, but who would get extremely moody at times. As a kid, the frequent switches in his uncle’s behavior would annoy Uday. It was only after his parents explained to him about his condition that he realized how tough it is for him. In a country like India, mental illness is still a taboo. No one talks about it openly. Going to a psychiatrist or even a psychologist raises several eyebrows. It is very important that people are educated about mental illness so that they don’t shy away from seeking professional help. Uday’s uncle takes medication regularly and is leading a very healthy, content and normal life. Uday stresses that mental illness should not be considered different from any other disorder. Like in any other illness, it’s a case of a certain body part not functioning exactly the way it should. With proper medication and care it can be treated effectively.

About this photo: “This picture is a tribute to the human spirit of fighting against all odds. I have always been amazed and inspired by stories of ordinary people who have shown amazing character of courage and determination in times of adversities. Be it poverty, sickness or the grief of losing a loved one, humans through sheer willpower and endurance have always fought out the darkness in their lives.”


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  1. I never realized that in other countries (other than the US) that they thought of mental illness as “taboo.” It’s sad thinking that there they can’t get the help they need because people wouldn’t understand, yet.


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