Trying to Stand Tall

Photo taken by PS, a 30-year-old Indian woman from the foothills of the Himalayas. For the past year she has been living a gypsy life in Europe, dividing her time between The Netherlands and Germany. She first experienced depression when she was a teenager. She had a fairly abusive youth(mental and physical), that left her wanting to get out every waking minute. First, she lost her ability to sleep, then she couldn’t eat. At 17-years-old, she focused hard on feeling better, which thankfully kept her from killing myself. For 10 years she worked her way up at an MNC and earned a great career for herself. Things seemed like they were going well, however, 2 years ago she had to trade in her career to save her 3 month old marriage. PS did not realize that it was her work that had been keeping her afloat when things got difficult. She moved to Europe with her husband, escaping most of her problems, but there is now a sadness that never seems to go. She has lost her ability to cry, and she can not write like she used to. So she is learning to take pictures to get hold of herself and maybe make a career if possible too.

About this photo: “This image was taken in Valkenswaard, Netherlands on a weekend when I stepped outside for my weekly photo walk. This broken flower, with most of its petals gone, seemed like a self portrait to me. There was beautiful green and yellow in the background, depicting this wonderful life, with the flower without its glory, in the front, trying to stand tall.” 


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  1. I suffered from depression, not diagnosed but I think if you stay in bed for 10 consecutive days just getting up for a shower or eat seems like your trying to climb mount Everest then It seems to me that I got there. How I got out, there was no pills that helped me, just through sheer personal strenght, today for example the alarm clock sounded at 7, didn´t want to get up, just lay there without wanting to confront todays obstacles, but I forced myself to roll out of bed and once I do that, have a shower and my tea with my little cookie and a cigarette you can throw at me a dinosaur and I´ll eat him alive.


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