Flying in my Dreams

Photo taken by first-time contributor Riccardo Bevilacqua, a 39-year-old nuclear physicist currently living between Sweden and Belgium. Riccardo loves to travel, and when he does so – for pleasure or for work – he gets in contact with local people to have them pose for him. He worked for many years in his local community with people affected by physical and mental impairments, and he understands and is sensitive to the challenges that the families have to face, often alone. The apartment where he is living now is actually part of an old psychiatric hospital. The municipality decided to refurbish a wing of the building as a residential area, whereas the rest of the former hospital is now adapted as a museum. Geel, the town in which he lives in Belgium, is known for the practice of deinstitutionalization in psychiatric care, and this dates back since the 13th century! Still now-a-days 500 families in Geel alone, host a psychiatric patient in their house, where they live as members of the family itself.

About this photo: “I have a recurrent dream. And it is so real and vivid, that actually I cannot say if it is a lost memory or just a tease of my imagination. In my dream I am just walking, without any hurry: sometimes I am going to work, other times I am just wandering around the city. And then, as if it was the most natural thing to do, I decide to fly. I just decide to do it. And my body lifts up: no effort, just lightness. There I am, now, flying here and there, following the stream of my thoughts. Like a ballerina on the stage. Often, those suffering for mental health are just dancers without a floor under their feet. Dreamers with ballerina shoes.

We took the photo close at the Hoge Kempen National Park, in Belgium. The model is architecture student and ballet dancer Tine E.”


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15 thoughts on “Flying in my Dreams

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  1. Nice picture and interesting information about the psychiatric car is Belgium. Maybe is better for a psychiatric patient to not be institutionalized, and being surrounded by people who know about the disease can have an eye on him or her, and him or her be part, more integrated into the community. Brake some stereotypes.


  2. Love the photo. I was surprised to read this because I have dreams like that, too! I used to dream I was flying, well more floating around wherever I wanted to go, as a kid, and now the past few years I often dream that again. It’s kinda cool…


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