Lucid Dreaming


Photos taken by contributor Hayley, a photography and new media student who has suffered from anorexia and anxiety. Her passions include adventure, traveling, music, art, and the outdoors.

About these photos: “This body of work ‘Fairytales’ is about how one can look normal from the outside but the sense of self is determined from the inside. We use our imaginations to take us to places whether good or bad and this can determine the type of thoughts and feelings we are having, as if living in a lucid dream for emotional distance from constant traumas. 

Sometimes reality is depressing and so dreams and fantasy worlds are to escape in to deal with the problems and emotions of the real world. To see like a child and use pictures imagined turned in to reality like a fairytale that becomes existent we can escape and enjoy something that is essentially not tangible.

These images I have hand colored to show that the original photograph is the simplicity of one person and the colored surroundings indicate their thoughts, feelings and imagination.


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8 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming

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    1. Balance…and it is so important to leading a healthy life. Having Asperger’s, this has been a learned behavior and one that must be mindfully practiced. I, too have a rich imagination, something that not all with AS have.


  1. Reblogged this on Kam Blography and commented:
    A wondrous set that I feel depicts a strong contrast and combining of our reality and fantasy. The bold colours to represent the fantasy stands brilliantly against the sepia-toned nature of the photo set.


  2. I like how both photo and drawings were created by the artist-not by technology. It does have it’s place, but personally, I like seeing work that is natural as possible. Really neat!


  3. Great photos. Not sure how valid is the comment about lucid dreaming, but that does not take anything away from the art in the pictures.


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