Art Therapy

Photo taken by contributor Carrie Hilgert, a photographer and painter in her thirties from Northeast Kansas who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After venturing into digital photography, she became interested in documenting her life with self portraits. This became particularly helpful when her life started to fall apart due to depression. All her other creative outlets left her,... Continue Reading →

Lucid Dreaming

  Photos taken by contributor Hayley, a photography and new media student who has suffered from anorexia and anxiety. Her passions include adventure, traveling, music, art, and the outdoors. About these photos: "This body of work 'Fairytales' is about how one can look normal from the outside but the sense of self is determined from the inside.... Continue Reading →

Colorful Tattoo Parlor

Photos taken by contributor Danielle, a woman who has been diagnosed with many mental health issues, especially major depressive disorder. Photography has been a helpful tool through the darkness of depression. About these photos: “I took these photographs in a tattoo shop recently while I was waiting to get my own. I am calling my new... Continue Reading →

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