Sugar Skull Sister

Photo taken by contributor Ashley Lily Scarlett aka Syncopated Eyeball, a 53-year-old woman who has experienced bouts of depression of various degrees, on and off since she was 12-years-old. She also suffers from anxiety, gets easily over stimulated, and has a bit of social phobia. Recently she finally received a diagnosis of bipolar type II, so she will now hopefully be directed to more appropriate medications. Blogging and photography are very important to her. Usually when she is taking or editing her photographs, everything else disappears from her consciousness and she is firmly ‘in the moment’.

About this photo: “Here’s my beloved sister; she did the make-up herself and it was her first attempt. Kerry and I share a quirky sense of humour and we both have a playful streak, as evidenced here; this was done just for the fun of it. She is a blessing in my life.”


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21 thoughts on “Sugar Skull Sister

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  1. I feel strange leaving this reply as l am the same age as your sister. I cannot control my enery or sociability. I am lost. I hope she knows what an understanding and loving sister she has. I have not been ill for 40 years. But sometimes it feels like it.
    I love the look of joy


    1. You’re the same age as me. 🙂 My sister is the one in the picture. I am the one who took the picture.
      I’m sorry you feel lost, I do sometimes too, I’m also not very sociable, I like to spend a lot of time in my own company doing this and that but I find if I do that for too long it turns into ‘isloating’.


  2. My 1st thought was this is fun and happy. It truly shows in her expression. Having Asperger’s, I don’t always pick up on facial expressions (or I assume my own outcome). It was good to know I was right in my assumption. Very artistic and creative as well.


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