Finding Peace, Without and Within

Photo taken by contributor Bipolar On Fire, a woman in her 40’s who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. She has Bipolar Disorder and Depression, as well as Fibromyalgia. It is a great struggle for her to work full-time and has been for a while. She works as a System Administrator, but will hopefully be leaving the corporate world soon and supporting herself through her art. She passionately loves photography, writing, and music, and her many other creative artistic endeavours (sewing, decoupage, jewelry making, batik, screenprinting, and singing). Her aim in life is to create beauty and bring joy to the lives of others through her creations and words.

About this photo: “This little buddha reminds me of constancy.  I photograph him a lot.  He is so beautiful and peaceful.  His message is, “Wherever you put me, there I am.  You cannot change my essence, which is beauty and peace.  This is what I bring to you.”  I just love this little buddha in the snow, doesn’t he make the snow beautiful?  I just want to shoot him way down deep into my soul – that feeling of beauty, of peace, and of sureness – this is, and it doesn’t change.  I want that for me.  That’s what this buddha gives me, and that’s what this photo reminds me of.  That beauty and peace can be found out there, but they’re also in me.  I just have to look.”


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