Prison of My Mind

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman who has been diagnosed with clinical depression. She loves her family, but finds it hard to love herself.

About this photo: “When I came across my daughter’s doll laying facedown on the couch, it resonated with me. She looked the way I feel when I am depressed. Vulnerable and weak, helpless and hopeless. My days will often end up with me laying on that very spot, feeling fatigued and isolated, barely able to move. I think this photo gives a better sense of my daily experience when depressed than even a self-portrait would. Depression also makes me feel like I am in a prison. The prison of my home and my mind.


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8 thoughts on “Prison of My Mind

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  1. The reflection of the bars on the doll does look like a prison bard. Excellent picture. Rest assure that there is always hope to get out of the prison, the prison bar is never locked. Take care.


  2. Fight! You have a family. You already have much more than I will ever have. And if somehow I keep standing then you should be able to do it as well. 🙂


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