Floating; Singapore

Photo taken by Jocelyn Ang, a 20-year-old woman from Singapore. Her mother was diagnosed with clinical depression when she was just 12-years-old. This was difficult for her, and over the next few  years, that combined with the pressures of school and other responsibilities proved to be too much. Jocelyn fell into a major depression herself when she was 17. The obligations and expectations had become too overwhelming for her, and she was not able to do the things she wanted to do. She eventually returned to school and graduated, and now she is studying photography in university, which she feels is a great way for her to express her emotions and feelings. She still experiences bouts of depression and anxiety, accompanied by mild insomnia.

About this photo: “I took this photo after considering my emotional state at that point of time, where my creativity was running dry and I was having an artistic block. It felt like I was struggling with depression all over again, feeling empty and ungrounded. It was like being under the sun, yet I don’t feel it and joy seemed so far from reach.

People around me have always asked me to be stronger, but I feel insulted. It was not weakness that made me succumb to depression, and I still am strong in fighting against the emotions that threaten to drown me. I wish people would learn to understand mental health more before judging and assuming what is going through our minds.”


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8 thoughts on “Floating; Singapore

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  1. sorry to hear how your depression is met with ignorance 😦 it’s really not about being weak. fighting for one’s mental health takes a lot of strength and I wish for you that this strength stays with you!


  2. Honey, I soooo feel your pain. I wish more people would try to understand instead of being limited to their own understanding, or rather misunderstanding. Instead of assuming how we need to be, they need to just let us be. We need to feel our own feelings and express them or not, depending on what we choose to do with those feelings and emotions, not conform to anyone else’s way of expression. In other words, “Don’t tell me how to be, or how to feel.” Two of the worst things anyone has ever told me when I was in depression mode: (1) ‘Lighten up’; and (2) ‘Get over it.’
    People like this – really make me want to smack them in the head and tell them the same thing.


  3. I agree completely! My husband took YEARS to understand that my mental state wasn’t something I could easily control. ‘Just cheer up’ or ‘You’re fine. Do something for yourself’ actually makes it worse.


  4. This is an awesome photograph.People have the same ignorance about autism, too. People can actually refuse to be educated. It is easier for their tiny brains.


  5. Well, the reason why we are depressed is not weakness but that doesn’t mean that if we’re strong we can’t fight this.


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