Accidental Masterpiece


Photo taken by Jenny, a 21-year-old english major at a university in Massachusetts. She is interested in feminism, literature, and collecting assortments of tea. She suffers from various mental illnesses – depression and anxiety being the major ones – and then ADD which she finds more frustrating than anything else.

About this photo: “Photography has been a way of maintaining my depression and anxiety for the last five years. I’ve done various self-portrait projects as a way of documenting my progress. I’ve also met so many lovely people through photography and they’ve helped me grow into who I am today. I’m so much more confident than I used to be; I feel good about not only my body but my mind. Picking up my camera is freeing in a way, I can’t describe it very well… but I don’t feel stuck in my head or claustrophobic. Although there are still times where photography doesn’t help and sometimes it makes me feel worse. I love taking photos outside, natural lighting is ideal… not to mention my room is the size of a closet. Sometimes I feel too anxious to take pictures outside. I just don’t like being in public taking photos of myself; It freaks me out when people are around. Photography is something that’s private for me and I need to do it by myself. So there are times where I refuse to go outside.. which just results in me stressing out. 

I took this photo in my room, partly because it was so cold outside and also because it was a Friday and I knew people would be driving around and just.. generally all over the place. Since it’s winter I was losing light and I didn’t end up getting the shot I intended. I was really mad at myself, to the point where I was almost in tears. After I calmed down I realized it wasn’t as awful as I thought and I’m actually pretty proud of how it turned out. I feel silly for getting upset now. I guess that goes to show you how ridiculous I can be.” 


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