Underwater Bicycle

bikePhoto taken by Clare, a woman in her thirties from the East Coast who suffers from countless mental health issues, including major depression and anxiety. In addition to her personal struggles, she has also had many people close to her who have suffered from mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, ADD, addiction and bipolar disorder. She finds it incredibly difficult to have people she loves in pain, especially because she knows how hard it can be.

About this photo: “A victim of hurricane Sandy — this lonely bicycle now rests in a river. A rusted shadow of it’s former self, it lays alone, no longer able to be a part of people’s joyful experiences. This resonates with me. I feel sad for the bike, but almost envious, wishing that I could be the one underwater, so instead of my seeing my “normal” reflection down there with trees and other alive things, that my rusted sad exterior would match the deadness I feel on the inside.” 


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12 thoughts on “Underwater Bicycle

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  1. Maybe refusing to feel dead inside by finding something, anything, that makes you feel even slightly alive, or makes you see the beauty that is in you, as it is in all of us, might begin to help you climb that long road home.


  2. A very powerful image and commentary. I will subscribe to your blog and follow. Your collective. Keep up the good work of bringing attention to the struggles of mental illness. I work with individuals who have disabilities and special needs. I have also suffered in the past from substance abuse. Much of my work as a digital artist reflect on the subject.


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