Crumbling Within

Photo taken by Clare, a woman who has been diagnosed with major depression and bipolar II. Photography is something she studied in school some years ago, and still enjoys very much.

About this photo: “I went to a beautiful building recently, but instead of being drawn to the lovely fountains and impeccable rooms, I was drawn to a small area of wall that was broken, so you could see the pipes within. It made me think, no matter how perfect a building–or person–may seem, the insides need to be working well, first and foremost. If something is off and things are crumbling beneath the surface then everything may start falling apart. It definitely reminds me of my ongoing struggle with mental illness. I try to look well no matter what, try to hold a smile, but what is going on underneath is rarely, if ever, in sync. I just wish my inner workings were as easy to tune up as some pipes.”


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