Touching the Heart

Photo taken by Tiger Lillies, a 48-year-old woman who suffers from deep depression, psychosis, and agoraphobia, all while raising her 2 young grandchildren, 4 and 6-years-old. Thankfully she has a supportive partner Rick who helps make daily life with children possible. Her grandchildren, as well as her love of photography, have become her saviours and kept her from succumbing to the negative temptations that regularly haunt her. She has tried to commit suicide several times in the past, but thankfully is still with us. Her hopes are to get past her illness, as well as glaucoma, and become an event photographer.

About this photo: “This little babe and his Mom came over yesterday for a photo shoot. Not truly wanting to do this, but had already booked the appointment. It was Thanks Giving this passed weekend. The house was trashed. I could barely stand to clean. Thank God for my Rock, as he helped tidy up. They stepped in the door way, the little one gave such a warm smile. My heart melted. A surge of energy rushed through me. I composed myself, and…lights…camera…action. It was as though some one had their hand on my back the whole time, pushing me along. I felt no pain, as I crawled around on the floor. I could actually hear myself laughing. It is amazing the joy a child can give. After they had left, Rick and I sat. He was staring at me. “That’s nice” he said. “You’re still smiling.”

Last night it was as though a light bulb turned on in my head. There HAS to be something positive happening out there? Children, churches, flowers, animals, love, compassion, music, colours, light. I HAVE to find these things. I have to fill my heart with positive emotions. I must do this. I am getting no where sitting in darkness. I must learn to fight…be strong…have faith that the Lord will give me that push on my back to move me a long.”


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