Photo by Brenda, a 36 year-old woman currently living in San Diego, California. Photography is her means of artistic expression, but she also find solace in writing. She has been bouncing a story for a novel in her head for over 10 years now dealing with depression and suicide, especially within gay teens. Her partner of 6 years suffers from bipolar II & major depressive disorder. Every day is a struggle for her. There are days when thoughts of suicide infiltrate her mind. During these episodes, Brenda often has to wrestle away sharp objects or pills from her partner’s hands. There have even been times when she physically had to stop her from walking to the freeway to unmercifully throw herself in front of a car. It’s not always like this, but when it is, the days are dark and the nights even darker.

About this photo: “My partner often tells me that she feels trapped; a prisoner held captive by her own mental illness. It’s very unsettling to say the least, to feel like there is never any hope of escape from this abyss. All I can do in these moments of despair is hold my arms out and hope she can feel my touch amid the darkness.”


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